The Most Comprehensive Pinterest Sales Funnel Course Available

Create a profitable Pinterest sales funnel that converts browsers to buyers and explode your email list at the same time!

You have a business, but ATTRACTING your ideal customer, ENGAGING your subscribers, and SELLING your products sounds INTIMIDATING.

Have you ever stopped to think about how and why someone arrived at your site from Pinterest? More importantly, do you really know how to meet your new visitor at the right place for where they are in the buying process?

I developed Pin Practical Conversions to help you make sure you never lose a Pinterest visitor to a 30-second page view ever again!

Learn how to create the digital products they're searching for, attract them to your offer, and keep them interested in your business for months ahead!

Forget the days of creating a product and pinning it a few times to see if it sticks. Get ready to create a solid customer journey specifically for the Pinterest user.

This brand new course will give you easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to create the perfect customer journey, from Pinterest user, to customer, to raving fan.

Imagine what it would be like if…

  • You didn't have to depend on display ads and affiliate revenue to bring in a steady income each month because your digital products naturally sell themselves.
  • You were able to confidently map out fully-strategized Pinterest sales funnels that had new visitors ready to make a purchase from you right away.
  • You had access to time-tested blueprints of the BEST CONVERTING sales funnels on Pinterest to help you reach your passive income goals.
  • You spent less time focused on marketing and more time actually doing what you love, like moving your business forward and enjoying your family.
  • You knew exactly what your audience was searching for and what they needed from you, making product creation easy and selling even easier.
  • You could eliminate the stress you feel towards selling your products because you knew the exact steps to take to improve your selling process.

With Pin Practical Conversions, you'll create your own revenue streams, grow a solid base of raving fans, and see your sales begin to climb higher and higher!

Fitness coach Katrina TaTae had this to say about Pin Practical Conversions...

Before taking this course, I felt frustrated. I knew I was sooo close to building sales funnels that convert, but I couldn't figure out why I was always coming up short.

Now, my email list is growing and my sales are climbing. I can immediately diagnose problems in my funnels and fix them with ease. My brain is overflowing with future funnel ideas. :)

I no longer feel like a pretender. In fact, after taking Pin Practical Conversions, I have complete confidence now in my capabilities to serve my community while still building a thriving business.

This course has been GAME CHANGING for my business!

Smart business owners know that creating a product and a landing page isn't enough to sell a product. They know you need a well thought out strategy. That's why I created...

This is the exact framework I've used to make over $1 million directly from Pinterest. Plus, I've helped dozens of businesses to explode their own sales using this framework!

Hi, I'm Monica! 

About the Creator - Monica Froese from Redefining Mom

In 2013 I launched my blog, Redefining Mom, seven months after my first daughter was born and in the thick of severe postpartum PTSD. I was working in a Fortune 100 company running multi-million dollar marketing campaigns with huge brands like Microsoft, HP, and Cisco at the time.  

I was initially just looking for a place to vent about frustrating maternity leave policies in the United States, but I quickly realized I was giving a voice to other working mothers struggling with the same feelings I had. I knew my blog could make more of an impact on my audience than I thought if I was willing to dive all the way in.  

I put my MBA degree in finance and marketing to good use and began to promote my blog using a variety of ad platforms. Pinterest quickly became a front-runner and showed me the most return on my investment. When I saw that no one was leveraging promoted pins yet, I knew I had stumbled across GOLD. I decided to pour all of my focus into learning them inside and out. What I discovered became the crux of my future business. In 2016 my business had become profitable enough to quit corporate for good.  

Becoming an expert on Pinterest marketing strategies has allowed me to grow my blog, brand, and profit beyond my wildest dreams. Today I make multiple 6-figures each year from my digital product business. I serve over 30,000 students through all my Pinterest courses. But nothing compares to the time this has given me to truly be present with my family. I have made over $1 million using these Pinterest sales funnel strategies, which even allowed me to self-fund my last 8-week maternity leave, which is one of the greatest personal rewards I’ve received from this business.  

If you want to learn how to create solid sales funnels that take your business to the next level, you are in exactly the right place. I created Pin Practical Conversions to teach you everything I know so you don’t have to stay stuck in Pinterest overwhelm anymore. 


I feel more confident about converting Pinterest visitors into faithful readers and fans.

Even with a small email list, it's doubled since taking the course. I'm pretty excited!

If you're looking for a course that goes beyond creating a Pinterest strategy and actually growing your business, then you need to take Pin Practical Conversions. There's no other course out there like it!


Pin Practical Conversions
  • The Pin Practical Conversions Online Course: My 7-module course, detailed walkthrough tutorials, resource lists and worksheets, all at your fingertips and entirely self-paced. Join now and start the course at any time. 
  • Pin Practical Conversions Workbook: A 100+ page step-by-step workbook filled with guides, worksheets, templates, and assignments to create your own high-converting funnels.

PLUS 8 MORE BONUSES valued at over $600 USD!

  • 2 Free months of Tailwind + 1 free month of Convertkit: My favorite Pinterest and email management software apps. (New customers only.) 
  • 14-Day free trial of LeadPages: My favorite software for building sales pages that convert.
  • 30-Day free trial of Canva Pro: Create beautiful images for your sales funnels with an upgraded Canva experience.
  • Trello and Asana Organization: Easily navigate through the course with a helpful project management system built for Trello and Asana.
  • Funnelytics Training Video: Instructional walk-through video to show you how to map out your sales funnel ideas with our favorite free funnel-mapping software.
  • Power Words and Phrases Cheat Sheet: Instantly enhance your sales copy, opt-in forms, blog posts, and more with our cheat sheet of power words and phrases.
  • 12-Month Pinterest Marketing Calendar: Strategically map out your long-term funnel strategy with this Google Sheets spreadsheet calendar!
  • 2 Funnel Review Trainings: Peek into our founder's round of Pin Practical Conversions to get an inside look at how Monica reviews student funnels and tweaks them for maximum conversions.



A Sneak Peek into Pin Practical Conversions


Set the stage for sales funnels, understand why Pinterest sales funnels are different than other platforms, and learn what "reverse engineering" funnels means and how it helps your business.


In-depth training on our top six sales funnels and which one you should choose based on your business.


Learn the four steps of your customer's journey and start mapping out your offers to convert.


Determine your software stack and how to present your offers effectively on opt-in pages, sales pages, and checkout pages.


Take a deep dive into your email nurture sequence so you can more effectively close sales and leverage your email list to its maximum potential.


Learn how to analyze the data you receive from your funnels and optimize them for even better conversions.


Map your strategy for long-term success by utilizing data, analytics, and other tools for maximum conversions.


Millions of people are actively using Pinterest to find the best solutions to their problem... but most businesses are doing it wrong and missing out on conversions and sales.

By discovering exactly what your audience needs and crafting high-converting Pinterest sales funnels, you'll find your perfect customers and nurture them into loyal subscribers and raving customers. Finally, you can bring in more passive profit and amplify the impact of your business.  

Ready to transform the way you engage with your customers and start earning more passive income? 

Pin Practical Conversions





Rachel has TRIPLED sales of her ebook since starting Pin Practical Conversions...

I wanted to take this course so I could better grasp how I can improve my funnels for organic traffic so I can move onto paid ads.

I'm still working through the content and creating my funnel, however, the tripwire advice has seen sales to my low ticket ebook triple!

I'm so excited! I love how excited Monica is about this stuff - it's infectious.

I would highly recommend this course. It's simple to understand, practical, and Monica has so much knowledge. It's one of the best funnel courses I've ever done.  


This course was designed for bloggers, content creators, online course sellers, and digital product creators who are looking to grow their email list and increase sales through traffic from Pinterest.

The strategies I teach in Pin Practical Conversions are easy to customize to any niche. If you already sell digital products or services, you'll fit right in.

You don't need a current offering in place to get started in Pin Practical Conversions. I'll teach you how to find inspiration for new products based off what your audience is already looking for.

No! The strategies I teach in Pin Practical Conversions are not dependent on your tech stack. This includes your email service provider, landing page software, or checkout system.

I've taught students these exact strategies using a variety of different software. However, please note that we don't provide tech support in this course. It will be up to you to know how to use your software and reach out to your software's support team as needed.

Pin Practical Conversions includes email support. My team and I are available via email to answer questions specifically about course material. Please note that this level does not include strategy or advice specifically for your business.

Absolutely! We have many students who don't have products to sell yet, so they create their first funnel to build their email list.

Yes! Just log in and complete lessons as you have time in your schedule. This means you can NEVER fall behind or lose your place.

Pin Practical Conversions is hyper-focused on the customer journey of a Pinterest user. I teach about opt-in and sales pages, email nurture sequences, and the entire customer journey, which I don't cover in any of my other courses.

Our course roadmap is as follows:

  • Pin Practical Masterclass: Organic Pinterest strategies
  • Pin Practical Influence: Affiliate marketing strategies for Pinterest
  • Pin Practical Conversions: Pinterest sales funnels
  • Pin Practical Promotions: Pinterest paid advertising

Pin Practical Conversions was created for bloggers, content creators, online course sellers, and digital product creators. While physical product creators are welcome in this course, the concepts I teach are primed for the digital space and require physical product sellers to think outside of the box for their offerings.

I am confident Pin Practical Conversions can work for you, no matter what niche you're in! With our happiness guarantee, you can purchase risk-free. If you complete the course, set up your sales funnel, complete the workbook assignments and still don't feel like it's a fit for you, you can request a refund. For complete details on our happiness guarantee, including the refund timeframe, please refer to our terms and conditions.


Last year, I was mainly offering social media management and organic Pinterest management as services. I knew I wanted to scale my business and that Pinterest was what I really wanted to niche down on and offer as a premium service.

Since having taken Pin Practical Conversions, I’ve not only learned more about Pinterest in general, I've confidently supported two of my clients with setting up their funnels for Pinterest! 

In November I ended all contracts with SMM clients. By January I had taken 10 steps back in my monthly income.

Since then, I’ve now more than tripled my monthly income and I'm looking forward to continuing to scale!

I was really hustling for awhile and sending cold pitches to land clients. Now, I wake up to emails from people booking discovery calls!


What would be possible with more leads, more profit, and more time in your schedule?

You started your business to break free and enjoy life on your terms. Scaling your business sustainably is so possible with passive income, and sales funnels with Pinterest make this so easy!

Don’t wait any longer to crack the Pinterest sales funnel code.

Start making more money with Pinterest TODAY!